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Alarm Tips

Metro recommends that you test your alarm system monthly. To do this, Call Metro at 972-621-8700 in Dallas County, 817-552-8700 in Tarrant County, or 866-734-6274 outside the DFW Metroplex to place your system on test. Next, arm your intrusion alarm panel. Then open a door or window to trigger the alarm. When you are done with this procedure, call Metro to verify an alarm signal was received and to take your system out of test and back into service mode.

Metro alarm systems are simple to use and cost effective to operate. If you need help operating your alarm follow the steps below or download a copy of your users manual. If you have any questions about your system, give us a call at 972-621-8700 in Dallas county, 817-552-8700 in Tarrant county, or 866-734-6274 outside the DFW Metroplex and we will help you resolve the problem right away.

Alarm System Troubleshooting

Alarm won't arm

  • Is there a green ready light?
  • Are you using the correct four-digit panel code?
  • Have you tried pressing the reset button (#) or (*), then entering the panel code?

No green light, no power, panel dead

  • Is the breaker on?
  • Is the transformer plugged in or could it be plugged into a switch controlled outlet?
  • Are all doors and windows closed?
  • Have any windows or doors been replaced recently?
  • Has new carpet been installed?

Alarm went off, received notification of a false alarm

  • If home, what room were you in?
  • Did the panel make noise?
  • Is it possible the enter/exit delay time expired?
  • Is the bedside alert button out of reach from children and pets?
  • Do all doors and windows close securely?
  • Has there been any carpet work done lately?

"Service Required" light on

  • The Service Required Light will be ON if the panel has a trouble condition. To view the trouble condition, press (*) then (2).
  • If zone light (1) is on, your back up battery is low or charging. The low battery signal will be sent to the monitoring center. Please wait 24 hours after AC power is turned on to see if this will clear. If not, call Metro's Customer Service Department. NOTE: IF the panel sounds a chirping tone, this can be reset/silenced for 24 hours by pressing (*) then (2) then (#). This will not reset the service required light.
  • (2) is on, the AC power is lost. The service required light will come on. The Service Required Light will turn off after AC power is restored.
  • (3)is on, this means there is a malfunction. Service if required.
  • (4) is on, this means that the panel tried to communicate with the Central Station and failed. If there has been no telephone service in the unit until now, this zone light would show indication that the panel had been previously set off (tripped) and failed to communicate. Press the (#) button to clear the trouble condition and exit the trouble viewing mode.

"Alarm Memory" light on

Alarms caused during the previous armed period are stored in memory. To view these alarms, press (*) then (3). The "Memory" light will flash and the alarm(s) will be displayed on the flashing zone lights. The "Memory" light will be ON only if there was an alarm during the previous armed period. Arm and disarm your system or press (#) to clear and return to Ready.

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