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24 Hour Fire & Security Monitoring Services

24-Hour Alarm monitoring is a crucial component of your Fire & Security Alarm System. The system's ability to properly detect emergencies and protect your assets truly depends on the integrity of the monitoring facility and its staff.

Metro partners with the nation’s premiere Central Office Processing Service (C.O.P.S.). Our U.L. 24-hour monitoring station is a multi-redundant site, UL-Listed, FM Approved, IQ Certified 24-hour central station that specializes in providing alarm monitoring services to businesses, private residences, or government agencies throughout the nation.

C.O.P.S. 24 hour Monitoring Operations is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), a non-profit, third-party testing service. UL has set high standards for central station facilities and 24 –hour monitoring procedures used in the fire and security field. In order to be listed, a monitoring company has to undergo a thorough inspection by an independent UL agent. The UL agent makes sure all requirements for back-up equipment, stand-by power, staffing, and their procedures each meet or exceed the UL standards. We are proud to partner with C.O.P.S. and to be UL listed.

C.O.P.S is well known in the industry for maintaining an exceptional alarm handling response time and high levels of customer service. This is accomplished via a stringent and comprehensive training program named Gradation that ensures our dispatchers are properly trained in all aspects of their responsibilities. Metro offers our Customers 24/7/365 emergency runner service upon request.

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