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Metro's Emergency & Exit Lighting Service

EMERGENCY and Exit Lights are an integral part of every Fire Protection solution. They are critical in ensuring all occupants find a safe exit during an emergency. The State of Texas has a variety of local, state, and national codes that require certain multifamily residential facilities to have the appropriate means of egress marked with readily-visible signs. In certain cases, the means of egress must also have emergency lighting provided as required by the building codes. The following National Fire Protection Association and OSHA publications serve as the basis for detailing the minimum lighting requirements:

  • NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code Sections 7.8 and 7.9
  • FPA 70 –National Electrical Code
  • SHA 29 CRF 1910.35 – 1910-38

Installation of Emergency and Exit Lighting

The facility owner is required to provide emergency and exit lighting based on the type of construction, classification of occupancy, and means of egress. Metro will provide an auto-cad design of your facility and recommend the equipment needed to ensure compliance with all applicable codes.

Monthly Maintenance

The facility staff is required to visually pay attention to any noticeable issues, such as burnt out bulbs, damaged lighting, and lack of power to signs and or lights. If these issues occur they are required to have the necessary maintenance performed

Annual Inspection

All battery–powered emergency and exit lights must be inspected and maintained annually per code requirement and manufactures standards. Metro’s Inspection includes the following:

  • A 90-minute full function test
  • Checking batteries and lenses for sulfation and corrosion
  • Cleaning unit and lenses
  • Adjusting beams for proper alignment
  • Checking charging system voltage
  • Checking battery voltage output
  • Document burnt-out bulbs and dysfunctional batteries
  • Testing the integrity of the lights and batteries with attest button for 30 seconds. Burnt-out bulbs and dysfunctional batteries are replaced
  • Checking each light for physical damage that could hinder its operation
  • Checking AC and charge lamps, if applicable
  • During the approved maintenance; our technicians will remove all discarded batteries from facility and dispose of them in an appropriate manner.

Record Keeping

Current and accurate records must be kept relating to all inspection and maintenance activity. Metro will maintain a survey of all emergency and exit lights in the facility, types of fixtures, battery types, and locations. An inspection label will be placed on the fixtures as documentation of worked performed and all deficiencies will accompany the annual Life Safety inspection report.

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