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Fire Alarm Systems

The assumed Amenity!

We all must share in the responsibility of making sure our smoke detectors & fire alarm systems are working correctly. Your city fire marshal has adopted the NFPA standards which mandate the community's responsibility to ensure the systems are inspected regularly. This procedure is often overlooked because the fire alarm equipment is usually out of sight and out of mind. Metro will provide a proactive approach to ensure these services are done on a regular basis as required by the State of Texas.

Metro's Experience

Metro Communication's life safety division is comprised of a carefully selected team of professionals and certified technicians, each with over fifteen (15) years of experience. Metro consistently delivers technical expertise with "best in class" customer service. Metro's certified technical team always goes the extra step to protect the safety for each community.

Metro's in-house registered N.I.C.E.T engineers & fire alarm technologists lead Metro's licensed technicians on a daily basis; they are qualified to engineer and install multi-family, commercial and residential life safety systems. We will make sure your fire alarm system meets or exceeds city, state and NFPA standards. By providing continuous in-house and factory training on the products we install and service, Metro's technicians, sales representatives and customer service staff have the most current information and technology available to keep our customers informed. Our Mission is to consistently create measurable value for our customers by utilizing both our comprehensive technical ability and our deeply held business convictions -- the core principles are Sincerity, Speed, Service, and 100% Satisfaction. We call this program our 4S Enterprise Solution, and these core values guide every project, every relationship, and every decision. Our business philosophy is built on the belief that success can only be achieved through continual training, hard work and a positive work ethic.

Fire Alarm Codes

Metro's certified engineers and licensed technicians are governed by the State of Texas and each city fire marshal; known in the industry as the "Authority having Jurisdiction" (A.H.J.). The A.H.J. will stamp and approve the design of the fire alarm system required for your community. Metro works closely with the city fire marshal offices in Texas.

Fire Registration No: ACR-1668 License Fal-4764

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