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Fire Sprinkler Alarm Systems

The forgotten amenity!

The fastest response to a fire is a fire sprinkler alarm system. That is why a fire sprinkler alarm system is required by law in so many buildings across America. For the fire sprinkler alarm systems to be maintained correctly, they are required by NFPA code to be tested regularly.

Scheduled testing is critical to ensure the reliability of any special system. It's the only way to ensure your fire sprinkler alarm system will work properly in the event of an emergency. Every system requires regular service and maintenance to work reliably. If maintenance is deferred, your system may not function when you need it most. Metro Communication Systems, Inc. will provide a proactive approach to ensure this service is performed on an annual basis. Whether you need your dry, wet, or anti-freeze system tested, Metro has a highly trained staff waiting to satisfy your life safety needs.

Metro's Experience

Metro Communication Systems has experience servicing water based fire suppression for over 15 years. Metro's engineers are registered through the State of Texas and the state fire marshal's office. Metro is also certified by the National Institute of Certified Engineering Technologies and the State of Texas.

Sprinkler Codes

Metro currently provides fire sprinkler alarm service and is therefore governed by the State of Texas. Metro Communications is also a member of the American Fire Sprinkler Association, N.I.C.E.T., the National Fire Protection Association, and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Jeffrey Cossu P.E. is the R.M.E. for Metro. Mr Cossu and Metro’s technicians collectively have over 25 years of experience in the fire sprinkler alarm industry. Their experience includes many applications, including single / multifamily homes, large apartment communities, and commercial systems. Mr Cossu is N.I.C.E.T. Level III.

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