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Metro's Garage & Overhead Door Services

Metro Communication’s 4S Enterprise Solution and its commitment to sincerity, speed, service and 100% satisfaction are the core factors for its overhead & garage door service division. Metro’s approach for the community owner and maintenance is to support their staff with on-site training. Once accomplished, the communities staff can perform a host of minor repairs such as; spring replacement, rollers, cables, hinges, hollow metal doors, emergency door, panic bars. These repairs, when performed by onsite staff, will greatly reduce this expense. Metro currently stocks all the major brands - Craftsman, Genie, Lift Master, and Chamberlyn - for replacement parts and have 24-hour delivery service available.

In addition, for those communities where the on-site staff needs additional technical support. Metro’s highly qualified professional service technicians are State of Texas certified. Our Technicians perform repair, installation and emergency service 24/7/365.

What to do if your Overhead Door Needs Service

Garage Door Panels – Damaged

First, check your warranty. Even if the garage door is the inexpensive model, many manufacturers offer a limited life time warranty.

Second, Whole Door or Panel Replacement – Customer has two options.

Option #1. When your garage door panel has become damaged, even if it is only a couple of panels, the initial reaction maybe to replace the whole door. There are a few instances in which garage door replacement may be in order, even if it is only a few of the panels which are the problem areas. Call Metro and request a written quote.

Option #2. If your garage door is over 15 years old, it may be time to replace the whole door. Not only is it probably outdated, but the other panels may be feeling the wear and tear as well. Spending the time ONLINE to find the replacement panels and then installation time often proves to be more expensive than just replacing the door. Call Metro and they will supply the best solution and a written quote.

Garage Door Spring - Replacement

First, be advised that Garage Door Spring Repair is a dangerous process. An individual attempting to make this repair for the first time is strongly recommended to view online videos prior to attempting this repair.

Second, call Metro, and they will supply the best solution and a written quote. They will arrive equipped with everything they need to get the job done, they stock all kinds of springs on their truck. For every garage door, there is a spring with the perfect size and fit, selected according to the garage door's weight and torsion rod size. Perfect balance means perfect function.

Garage Door Cables, Garage Door Tracks, and weather-strip replacement

First, determine when it is necessary to replace old parts. Garage door tracks can bend out of shape or rust past rescuing; even garage door cables can wear down, fray, and break. Keep in mind; these garage door parts operate the heaviest moving object in your home. It is essential that all parts remain in good working order at all times. There are several different kinds of cables that can be purchased, the most frequent are the Open Loop Cable, the Thimble Cable, the 5/16 inch Spool Cable, the 3/8 inch Spool Cable, and the ½ inch Spool Cable. Good tracks help garage doors run smoothly and stay on track!

Second, if at any point during the working operation of the garage door it appears to be unstable, holding up, or bidding as it is trying to open, call Metro. They will supply the best solution and a written quote.

Garage Door Openers & Remote Transmitters

First, if your garage door is not remotely opening, make sure the battery in your garage door remote is charged, Often times, when power is out and the resident is unaware, the garage does not have battery back-up - and therefore the garage won't open. Garage openers have an operating life of 10 to 15 years and, depending on the usage should last without issue. There are also power supply boards, gear kits, and frequency boards that can take a lighting or power surge and burn the circuitry on the board. In this case, the customer does not need to replace the whole opener, just replace the power supply.

Second, most homes today have garage doors. Homeowners need to know how to maintain their garage doors to ensure safety, protection, and longevity. These simple solutions will help prevent the unwanted scenarios of a garage door that is stuck in the half open position or one that is completely off track. For more information, please contact Metro they are available 24/7/365

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