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Metro Service

Guaranteed Service

METRO OFFERS OUR CUSTOMERS TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, Metro has spent many years developing our technicians and their technical ability. We pride ourselves in having the ability to perform technical expertise & service response on a vast array of systems. Many of our customers have found this technical ability to be easier, cost-effective and convenient to utilize one company to perform these services.

Emergency Service

METRO OFFERS OUR CUSTOMERS SERVICE RESPONSE 24/7/365, whether it’s a fire alarm sprinkler leak at 3:00 am, or the fire alarm system needs to be put “back in service” to avoid “FIRE WATCH” or your resident's car is locked in their garage, or the access control system will not allow access, or the residents remote transmitters stop working, Metro has Technician’s ON CALL to provide fast, reliable service with guaranteed response times as low as 6 hours.

Metro's annual customer loyalty rebate

METRO OFFERS, 1.5% REBATE, for our corporate customers that instruct their staff to utilize Metro’s e-request service portal. When this procedure is performed, Metro at year-end will rebate back to the corporate office 1.5% of their annual expense.

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