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Frequently Asked Questions - MetroSMARTAlert

FAQs - MetroSMARTAlert
MSA requires Smart phones 2015 or newer and 80% or better battery charge with version v1.2.6 or newer. Your SMART phone plan must allow steaming without being throttled.
Check your WIFI speed; this service requires 50MB; Less WIFI speed will hinder the clarity, response time, and sound signal
MetroSMARTAlert system is down for updates / maintenance. Normally this takes place between 2:00 am and 3:00 am central standard time, usually downtime is for 5-10 minutes.
YES, standard text message rates apply!
Normally this requires 50 -100MB speed with the Wifi, check your Wifi signal.
Call Metro at 972-621-8700 or 866-734-6274- press #2 or log on to www.metrocommunication.pro click on info@metrocommunication.com
  • All installs will be performed on a specific day for the Community – Resident must be home!
  • Metro Tech will install / activate the system and upon completion of install by Metro Tech
  • Location of Camera – where does Resident want?
  • Location of Motion Detector.
  • 2 contacts – where
  • Metro Tech will request Residents mobile phone
  • Metro Tech will activate METROSMARTALERT APP on Residents phone
  • Metro Tech will walk the resident through how the system works
  • Arm the system
  • Open front door
  • Show Resident how to view activity
  • Arm the system
  • Trip motion detector
  • Show Resident how to view activity
  • If Resident has strong bandwidth – test two way voice control
  • Metro Tech will finish with: How the Resident request service response
  • Tech to provide wallet cards with phone numbers for Customer Service
  • Tech will show how to request service via metroweb
No, this is an indoor camera only.
No Cloud Storage yet. Recordings on Micro SD card or on the Smart Phone. Some people do not want any recording. Turn off the recording option. To view recordings use the METROSMARTALERT App and the recording menu button
Yes, press the record icon the viewing display and it will record to your Smart Phone. You can then view and download them.
Yes, you can shut it off in the app, it is almost a must otherwise it will just record everything constantly if there is motion.
There is sound, 2 way talking, and it does do sound alerts.
Yes! I view it with my iphone, it's awesome and easy and pretty clear even with my bogged down poor Wi-Fi connection.
Yes, that is the basic plan.
In the daytime yes (and it detects movement too), but at night the IR light will just reflect on the glass giving you a lot of glare.
Yes, you can turn it off in the settings in the app
The video that is captured on the smart phone can be shared. The video that is on the Micro SD card can be removed and used in the computer. I'm able to download it using my windows pc and mac.
While you can download the App on newer computers with the app feature to a PC.
Yes. The cameras can be anywhere and on the same account. Additional cost per month but able to used same APP.
If the camera is set up in the US, I have been able to view it in real time outside the US but I have not been able to delete any videos. That app function does not work.
120 degrees diagonal
Yes, initial set up. After initial set up it came be moved to the Wi-Fi network and then moved anywhere you have a 120 outlet. Wired just means it is not battery operated, it is AC powered.
120vac transformer. No batteries required for the camera/hub. Yes, when power goes out the system will go down!
Some Communities offer as a FREE amenity. If not there is a $9.95 per month service fee for the basic service....and Alexa is not needed
Data is used when only view the camera live. With the new compression ration the camera/hub uses very little data. You can select the Low Definition, Standard Definition or High Definition for data streaming and data usage. Also it totally depends on how much motion is detected by the camera. If there is no motion, nothing is being recorded to your smartphone so except for live viewing, there's no data used.
The camera/hub is designed for indoor use.
Alerts can be setup in different ways. If the system is not armed it will not send notification messages. Even if the service is set up to record all the time.
Yes up to 3 with a paid subscription.
The app sends a pop up alert to the phone that it's installed on. You could install the app on multiple phones and log in to the same account.
Any pixel change will be considered monition (person up to 20' away)
Yes. It automatically records audio and video.
Yes. Picture and audio are great. You can turn off alerts. It will still record & save motion clips though.
Yes you must have internet service in order to utilize live features for the cam and to be connected to it.
Comes with camera mount. We are working on an outdoor version, release date scheduled for 10-1-2018.
Yes, we have customers that have put it under a patio or overhang and it still works. My short light span of camera. No, it is indoor only
No, they do not have to be on the same WiFi network. As long as you have an internet connection you can view your cams on your mobile phone from anywhere
Yes, the camera has the option to be mounted upside down or setting on a table.
Real time, can have delays because of internet speed or traffic.
No cloud storage available at this time.
Yes, on the viewing screen lower right hand corner video recorder icon.
Absolutely! The camera/bub can be connected to cell phone carrier network Wi-Fi device or cell phone hot spot for as low as $20.00 per mouth, anywhere you go, you have the opportunity to look at your app to see what’s going on in your cabin. The secret is that you have Wi-Fi that is connected to your app so that you can be anywhere at any time and still see where the camera is pointed , as well as hear any noise that might be going on inside the cabin. May shorten the life span of the camera/hub if exposed to outdoor elements
The camera/hub has the capabilities of adding motion sensor and door/window sensors to the service.
The camera picks up movement but does not follow the movement.
The MetroSmartAlert camera/hub will stream on all cell phone network carriers. Some carriers will throttle your speed and will not be able to stream video. Some carrier slow speed down when getting to the end of your data plan capacity and will not be able stream. Streaming on the lower end cell phone network carrier can cause video streaming outage.

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