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Time settings

To set the time zone and date of camera:

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, tap “settings”, And under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Date and Time” tab. Adjust date and time for you location. Day Light saving time is not an option yet.

Media settings

To setup the video format, voice volume and screen flip:

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, tap “settings”, And under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Media Setting” tab. Video format should be set to “PAL”.

Security settings

When you login in as administrator password, you will have access to modify all Security Settings

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, Tap “settings”, and Under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Security Setting” Manage Administrator and Visitor Passwords

Network settings

If you want to switch Wi-Fi, enter network settings interface, select a new Wi-Fi, and Input the Wi-Fi password and network switch is done.

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, Tap “settings”, and under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Network Setting” and pick what type of network that the camera is going to be connected to. Ethernet to Wi-Fi Network Type. When picking the Wi-Fi network the app will ask you for the Wi-Fi password.

Record settings

To setup a recording format. This setting option is available only after inserting a micro SD Card in the back of the camera.

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, Tap “settings”, and under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Recording Settings” under recording settings, Record Type.

Loop Recording: Continue recording for 24 hours in ½ hour segments. Must turn on the Record Switch in order to enable to this type of recording.

Alarm Recording: Recording begins once alarm occurs. There are record time options of 1 minute /2 minutes /3 minutes and Pre-Alarm Record Time.

Schedules Recording: To set up Schedule Recording set start and end time of recording and tap apply.

Alarm settings

Remote Control: This feature option is not available yet.

Linkage Device: Up to 8 devices can be added/paired and named, door/window sensor, PIR detectors and linkage location areas can be started once added successfully(see more details in section V)

Under “Device List” right side of camera tab, Tap the “Cog/Settings” icon, Tap “settings”, and under the “Settings Page” Tap the “Alarm Settings” under “Linkage Device” Tap the red plus (+) sign icon and follow the Pairing instructions on your phone, turn the volume up on the phone to hear instructions on how to add/pair devices. After pairing is complete, Tap the linkage icon and set what camera view you would like it to view.

Alarm Push ID: To which account the alarm message need to be sent (there’s one account for each register)

Alarm push email: This feature option is not available.

Motion detection: The camera will start alarm when the monition icon is turned on. When the camera pixels Change it will start recording for the time interval set.

Alarm Sound: There are options to 1 minute/2 minutes/ 3 minutes on the alarm siren sounding. When the Camera detects motion or the motion sensor or door/window contact are activated the alarm siren will Sound for the programmed time.

Storage Settings:

If the SD micro card is installed in the back of the camera this option is used to format the SC card and manage the memory on the SD card. To view the information of storage card or to format the storage card. Warning: Please unplug the camera before inserting/removing a card.

Device Update

Checking for any new device updates that are available.

Recording Playback

Local storage: If recording is performed on the phone monitoring screen, the video Cameras storage: It requires a micro SD card to inserted into the back of the camera, and recording switch in app must be set, the video will be automatically stored into the micro SD card, which can be remotely Viewed on the phone from anywhere. From the Menu Screen tap the “Recording” icon, tap what camera you would like to view recordings from and then tap the camera to see recordings that are that cameras SD card.

User Registration:


Download Metro Smart Alert APP: iOS or Android platform on your smart phone. The Play Store Icon for Android and App Store Icon for iOS. Name of APP: metrosmartalert. All one word.

After download, open APP:

Start the Metro Smart Alert APP and enter the login/register interface

Select “Register” to Login for first time users. (See screen shots at bottom of page)

Select Login by Email Account not (Phone Number Account).Once login succeed, and system APP startup will automatically enter “Device List Interface”. Now do the Physical Setup. (Write down/remember Account ID, Email and Login Password for future use.)

  • The first time you use the “Metro Smart Alert” App, you need to register an account. Follow the guidance to complete user registration with phone number or mail ID.
  • Add by QR
  • Wired (Network cable) connection switch to wireless (Wifi) connection.
  • Manual Add This mode is assistant linkage mode, which is suggested to be used when Smart link failed


When using wired connection, it must be Dynamic IP acquisition, it means that you can directly access the Internet by this network cable (If it needs to dial-up, or set up a fixed IP, or the network requires authentication, the connection will fail)

  1. Plug the Internet cable. (Green lights will flash, when you plug the cable that can contact Internet normally.) Image Flip Exit Clarity Voice intercom Record Snapshot Monitoring Alarm
  2. Scan the QR code in manual or gift box according to phone system (iOS/ Android) to download “Metro Smart Alert”;
  3. For iOS users, you can download “Metro Smart Alert” directly from App Store;
  4. For Android users, you can download “Metro Smart Alert” from Google play store.
  5. PC Clients: You can download "Metro Smart Alert" from Metro Smart Alert website: www.metrocommunication.pro

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