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Video Monitoring Security Systems

Rapid Response

Interactive remote monitoring offers tremendous enhancements in personal safety. Available 24 hours a-day, this service gives Metro customers a fast response and safe resolution during emergency or crisis situations. Activated by the customer, rapid response video monitoring gives us the ability to remotely view and communicate with your business whenever you or your employees need assistance. From the visual communication center, our intervention specialists are trained, alert and ready to respond in a moment's notice. With Metro's rapid response video monitoring, you can:

  • See, listen, and speak to your business 24-hours a day
  • Interact with location to resolve emergency situations
  • Decrease confrontations with employees and customers
  • Remove loiterers/vagrants from property
  • Improve overall safety

Remote Tours

The old adage says, "Prevention is the best cure," and that is Metro Communication's philosophy. Using our remote tour service lets loiterers and potential criminals know all activity at your business is monitored and recorded. Customers who use the Remote Tour service have seen fewer panhandlers and loiterers and more customers at their business. Metro's remote tour service allows you to:

  • Improve business performance
  • Increase overall workplace safety
  • Reduce inventory loss
  • Prevent criminal activities

Virtual Escorts

Providing safety for your employees tells them you care, making them dedicated to you. Metro's customers use our Virtual Escort service to make their employees' work environment safer. Virtual Escorts can be used inside to chaperon employees to and from high security areas, as well as outside to remotely watch and escort them to their cars. Metro's virtual escorts:

  • Chaperon employees to and from high security areas
  • Provide parking lot safety
  • Make employees feel more secure
  • Act as 3rd party witness for HR consultations


Need an added level of security during vulnerable times? Metro has created the Openings/Closings service for customers who require additional security during the opening and closing hours of business. Metro's Openings/Closings service adds an extra set of eyes and ears during the times when businesses are most vulnerable to crime. From our visual communications center, we are alerted if your business is not open at a certain time and conversely, we can report back to you if we see your business is closing early. Customers who use the service can eliminate the need for an additional employee during vulnerable periods. Metro's openings/closings services:

  • Provide added security
  • Ensure operating hours
  • Supervise open/close procedures
  • Notify a business that an alarm system has not been activated

Video Verification

As more police departments begin to implement stricter alarm response policies, verifying burglar alarms becomes more important. With Metro's video verification response service we verify all alarm activations at your location with video. When suspicious activity is seen we immediately contact the police; otherwise the activity is documented in monthly performance reports. Metro's video verification service will:

  • Provide safety through visual monitoring
  • Virtually eliminate false alarms and their associated cost
  • Verify 'real' alarm events for faster police response and assistance

Perimeter Monitoring

Customers with outdoor, unattended valuable inventory find our perimeter monitoring service can provide the necessary security for their business after-hours. This dramatically reduces vandalism and inventory loss. From auto dealerships to industrial lots, Metro Communication's perimeter monitoring technology is a cost-effective solution to protecting your assets. Metro's perimeter monitoring service will:

  • Reduce inventory damage or loss
  • Prohibit unauthorized people from entering a facility after hours
  • Verify all alarm activity at a location
  • Increase police response time in crisis situations

Enhanced GPS Tracking

Utilizing mobile tracking devices and the Global Positioning System (GPS) Metro provides live, real-time monitoring and asset tracking. Metro offers covert surveillance, personal protection and loss-prevention of small and large assets tracking and recovering valuable assets in the banking, travelling sales courier and jewelry industries. Metro's enhanced GPS tracking system provides:

  • Personal safety
  • Inventory protection
  • Merchandise recovery
  • Real-time tracking

Intrusion Alarm Response

In today's world it is critical to protect your assets. With more than 35 years of intrusion alarm monitoring experience, Metro Communication Systems, Inc. is the premier choice as a provider. Our advanced monitoring center is capable of receiving all pertinent site information simultaneously, resolving the issue at your business in the fastest possible manner. When you have Metro's intrusion alarm service, you get quality equipment, alert personnel and 24-hour reliability. Metro's intrusion alarm response will:

  • Improve safety of business
  • Increase security for employees
  • Reduce asset risk

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